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Sample Questionnaire and Reports

The iWorkHealth is an online, self-administered psychosocial health tool for companies and their participating employees to identify workplace stressors affecting mental well-being. It comprises 71 main and 18 demographics questions, covering questions on stress-related factors at the workplace including job demands, demand control, job recognition, organisation culture, and relationship with supervisors and co-workers. To download a copy of the sample questionaire, click here

When an organisation and its employee use iWorkHealth:

(i) Participating employees will receive an individual report on the work stressors that may affect their mental well being

Click here to download the sample individual report

(ii)The organisation will receive an aggregated anonymised department/company report identifying key workplace stressors and overall state of mental well-being of their employees (provided there are 8 or more respondents).

Click here to download the sample company report